At MIMO, we have some tools for you to protect yourself from the massive consumerism society. We discovered that sometimes, it is not your fault to impulsively shop. Malls, retailers, and e-commerce use consumer psychology with scientific practice to trigger you to "buy with excitement."

Apply to MIMO and get your MIMO box today!

When you apply to your account, you will receive a start kit box, along with your MIMO debit card. You will receive your MIMO uniform, including Buynary and the shopping bag.

What happens when your shopping bag can talk? Find a friend and let he/she become your shopping bag! (Or, you can even connect with a MIMO member from your app.) People get annoyed having to carry stuff around, and with the capacity of the bag, it only lets you put limited items inside. You can even be other people's shopping bags. Try it out and tell us about your experience!


Are you easily to get impulsive purchase? How about you only allow to shop for your friend and your friend will buy for you. By shopping for others without carrying your own money, you can still enjoy the feeling of shopping without any chance to get impulsive purchase.

Buynary helps the people who get tired of their impulsiveness but still wanted to enjoy the feeling of wandering in the malls and the excitement of hunting product. Michael Norton, a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, stated out that to maximized happiness from buying is not to buy for yourself, but buying for other. Buynary lets its user enjoy the feeling of shopping, and avoid the chance to get impulsive buying.

How to use Buynary?

Open the MIMO app and you will find the Buynary feature in "more," which is located at the bottom right corner. When you turn on the Buynary mode, your account will be set to the limit of the amount of your friend's shopping goal. For example, if your friend needs a pair of $20 running shoes, you are allowed to spend only that much until the Buynary mode is switched off by both of you.

How detailed does my shopping list need to be?

Be surprised!

You can set an average price for a product and provide your choice of color, material, and brand to your friends and let them choose for you! This will create excitement like when opening a blind box, and your friends can enjoy retail therapy without spending money.