Some useful tool for you to fight the impulsiveness

It is really difficult to get rid of impulsive shopping behaviour online! We provide some useful plugins for different needs.

Define your own money

Money has different values to different people; what would happen if you could revalue money on your own. Say you like to drink bubble tea, why not use bubble tea as a currency!

Try out the feature here:



CAD $539.97


Value Set

CAD $150.59



CAD $269.00


Nike Shoes

CAD $214.99

Enter a thing

Enter the price of the thing $

Shopping cart eraser

According to the experiment, we found out that people can easily be prone to shopping less when the paying and buying process takes longer than they expected.

We provide a plugin for our clients to extend the buying process. Each time you add stuff into a cart, the system will delete the item after 30 seconds.


We also provide a plugin AI shopping assistant that knows where you are online and in-person. By using big data as an advantage, the system can track your browser and location and stop you before you unconsciously do retail therapy.

Stay tuned for more plug-in!