Do you regret unplanned spending?

Consumerism is the mainstream culture, companies are using more advanced marketing strategies that include technology and science-based methods to trigger consumption. These strategies can trigger impulse shopping more often, which can result in unplanned spending, creating a lot of waste, credit card debt, moonlight clan, and more.

The current system is trying to manipulate our behaviours.

Is it even our fault to shop impulsively? Retail stores, malls, and online shops use scientific strategy to trigger consumption, controlling customers’ mood with colour, music, smell, lighting, wording, etc. Some of the credit card companies and banks try hard to boost their client’s credit card usage. (More credit card debts means more interest for the banks.)

We launch our bank to revalue the mainstream system.

Imagine there is no cash back to tempt you to shop more, but there is a reward system for keeping your finances in a healthy state. We provide a whole new banking experience to help our clients to reduce their unplanned purchases and to save money for their future spendings. MIMO has provided a collective community to connect client-to-client, easing impulsiveness with social shopping.