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Do you regret unplanned spending? We at MIMO place our focus on our clients and how we can be your best saving buddy

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Who are we?

MIMO is a banking service that focuses more on teaching people how to consume responsibly and helping people to reduce impulsive shopping by examining how cognitive conditioning or psychological sensations can be used as triggers to prevent impulsive shopping.


At MIMO, we have some tools for you to protect yourself from the massive consumerism society. We discovered that sometimes, it is not your fault to impulsively shop. Malls, retailers, and e-commerce use consumer psychology with scientific practice to trigger you to "buy with excitement."

Financial help

We also offer great budgeting app and online banking with one on one financial support. Imaging you can customize your currency! Get your MIMO today

Retailer Therapy

Shopping nowadays is often perceived as a process of purchasing happiness. People are frequently overestimating the happiness to be gained from "retail therapy".

Be part of the change

Consume responsibly will not only save you more money but also reduce waste production. Be part of the change and be broke no more!